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We recognise that when your child starts Pre-School
it is an important time for both child and parents. We hope our prospectus will explain more about us and perhaps answer some of the questions you might have.

You are always welcome to come and chat to the staff and see what we offer.

Download - St Oswald's Prospectus

Welcome to St.Oswald's Pre-School

St.Oswald’s Pre-School now offers sessional care for up to 16 children from 2 years to 4 years old and the facilities have recently been refurbished and extended to provide safe outdoor space which children can access at any time.

We offer a wide range of activities including sand, water and messy play. Children can experience textures and smells and enjoy fun role play. We also play with small toys, with paint and chalk, with patterns and shapes, we count, tell stories, and have group singing and rhyming.

We play with our friends, with reception children and with adults, we play inside and out. We love to play!

All the areas of the EYFS will be delivered through planned purposeful play, with a balance of adult-led and child initiated activities. This will include as much access to the outdoor learning environment as possible.